On-Scene Photography for a Traffic Accident

By Michael Miranda

Editor’s note: This article was written by Michael Miranda of Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction. The opinions expressed here belong to Michael Miranda.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in a traffic accident investigation. Photographing the scene of a traffic accident is probably the second most requested task that a private investigator will receive from a client. An important part of accident investigation is recording information so that it can be used later. Photography is an indispensable means of achieving this.

Photographs are useful in two ways: to create a permanent, accurate, and unbiased record of something specifically observed by an investigator and to capture the detailed appearance of something such as a mark on the road or damage to a vehicle. Photographs may later reveal significant details that were not observed at the time the picture was taken.

Photography Tips

Tell a Story

Once you obtain the police photographs, if any, the question is what should I photograph? Remember, your photographs need to tell a story. We are a highly visual society and people have a difficult time comprehending complex actions and ideas without something visual to help them understand. This is especially true with juries. Think of …read more

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