Mjr John Rush (Retired)

Mjr John Rush (Retired)

The Major had an interesting life, and he and Brogan have been fast friends for years.

James Brogan was born in the late 50s, he was brought up strictly, and with a reasonable believe system, he left school early and join the marines, this took him to a few places, mainly Vietnam, while there James distinguished himself as a fine soldier and leader.

Returning to his beloved Boston he join the police force and spend almost 20 years on the force, some of which you will see documented here, some we just leave behind, being push off, he decided to open his own Detective Agency and has been solving crimes that others don’t bother with. He remains in good standing with BDP and is sometimes used as a sounding board for investigations and criminal prosecutions, to this day James Brogan walks the streets of Boston.

Mjr John Rush, (reitred) is more difficult to describe, being Born in the UK, and also joining the military young he had a more active life in certain events of history and some things that the world has come to know as an important day, really land on his doorstep.

He also toured in Vietnam, where he met with James Brogan, some things they did together some things they did on their own, but their is a firm friendship between the two.

Mjr John Rush, can be seen walking his favorite beach on a Sunday Morning.

Family and Futures of both men remain a firm secret, all writings about or with these men belong to the owner of this Website and can not be reused or republished without written consent.

i.e. Just email me.

Mjr J. Rush wishes the world to know that the UK is back, and the current election has saved Europe.