So shall it pass

To a degree it reminded me of my office, you know down and alley and behind the dumpster, that door with the crap writing, you know now I think of it I wonder how the hell this stuck up bitch found me, still I am not complaining.

It was, well, what you would expect, metal shelving and brown paper bags and signs, you break it you own it, and, well, yeah, hmm, the less said the better.

Now, I want to try and give you a mental picture here, but I am not really sure how to do it. You see, what I am doing, what I was doing was legal, I am licensed, I am ex BDP in good standing, well sort of but you have read that story.

I have a reputation, and my writing, well, it stands for itself, so I want to use personal experience here, so let me just do this the easy way, two words.

Trench Coat.

John was an “Interesting” man, and well this bribe was going on the expenses list, and I had to keep him out of it, because well, if this man had to appear in court, well lets just say, no one would be safe from, IT.

I got all I needed, it was still a special order, but then again the client wanted new and special, and well, clean so John did what John does and delivered, and all was good in the world, I just had to keep him out of it and that was, well, something I am sure everyone wanted.

I had, yes, I am going to say this, made myself a friend.

Not really the type of friend one wants, but one that could be useful when I get another divorce case, and for a PI in Boston that was bread and butter business.