Well it seems our bight boy had a little problem, and well, you know.

They talked and they talked, and when she came to see me, she talked and she talked.

Now lets fit this all together.

You see the marriage had been going south, and he hadn’t really thought things through, he like her, not loved her, he enjoyed her but didn’t enjoy it, and really the entire package was, well, just not what he was hoping it was.

I mean, and this is her words not mine, money for old rope, is that really all there is to life, and well, dogs for children and only having so much because there was a money goal each week and each month, and rewarding themselves for doing this and that, setting goals each day, and having a treat day if they made the right number of points, yes, everything had points.

Wow, the more I heard the more I hated my client, but it wasn’t really all her idea, it was something they worked on together, everything was together apparently, and that was part of the problem because she had goals too and these took her out and away, and well while it was all together it wasn’t together.

I started to wonder what my client might be doing, but I couldn’t do that, I had to be loyal to my client, but I had the feeling she was out and about as they say up north.