Mental Health Saturday

So its Saturday afternoon, and really its time to shit or get off the pot. I can not stand people who are so ignorant of their own actions, its embarrassing to watch, and whats worse is when you are in a country which is not your and you have to appoligize for on of their own because of their actions to their own, its time to call it quits.

I wonder how it is possible to be like that, to just ignore people constantly and just not see what you are doing?

Then an excuse comes out, like its just always excusable. Even with my mental health issues I am aware of how I effect others and I try to limit what I do to others, I do not excuse myself.

I am aware that everyone around me is going to take advantage and then claim some sort of hard ship.

Its a natural state, so if I talk about my feelings, its pointless those will take even more because who cares.