Living in the Gray: What PIs can Learn from 1422

By PInow Staff

Gray: The Rise and Fall of 1422

Editor’s note: This article was based on an interview with Covert Results owner Robert Young and also takes inspiration from his book, Gray: Rise and Fall of 1422.

Before he was a private investigator, Robert “Bobby” Young served as a detective on the Metro Nashville Police Department’s 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force. During his time with the 20th, he and his team made one of the biggest drug busts in Nashville history, seizing over 100 kilograms of cocaine with 67 persons indicted. He documented his experience in his book Gray: Rise and Fall of 1422, in which he details the wiretaps, search warrants, and hours of surveillance he executed in order to get cocaine off the street.

The methods Bobby used to break the case, from taking pictures on the sly to covertly placing GPS trackers, are essential tools for any private investigator. Through his experience on the streets of Tennessee, investigators both new and seasoned can observe how various tactics are used successfully, even in extreme situations.

The case

In order to understand the methods Bobby and his team used to catch the criminals, it is important to understand the case itself. Case TF-1422 started with just an ounce of …read more

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