The Business of Private Investigations

By John A. Hoda

John Hoda Book + How to Rocket your Private Investgation Business

The below is an introduction and summary of a new series of books by John Hoda exploring how to successfully conduct the business side of private investigation. PInow was not involved in the production of these books.

Many books, articles, seminars, and conferences deal effectively with different aspects of private investigation, but with 85% of newly-minted private investigators not renewing their licenses after two years, the real question not being addressed is how to survive and thrive as a private investigation business.

For the approximately 5,000 new investigators who get licenses every year and for the 40,000 practicing investigators, keeping their business afloat is a daily struggle. Yet what is written, trained, taught, or coached on such a vital topic as maintaining a successful private investigation business? Not much. For those who are able keep the lights on through sheer determination and pluck, they are cranking out long hours every week and their work/life balance is out of whack. How can they run a successful business without sacrificing other aspects of their life?

For 22 years, I have personally known these struggles and have stayed in the black, able to make payroll, and enjoy some semblance of an active life outside of my …read more

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