What is Covert and Overt Body Armor?

By Tom Bowman

Covert and Overt Body Armor

Body armor vests are composed of two sections– the outer carrier and the inner plates. The inner plates are the pieces that provide the actual protection, but the carrier is essential because it holds the pieces in place. The different colors and materials body armor carriers come in each have their own advantages. When choosing what kind of carrier to purchase, the wearer needs to decide if they want overt body armor or covert body armor.

The Options

Covert body armor is designed to be worn underneath clothing. These carriers are lighter in color so they don’t reveal any presence under the wearer’s shirt. To be especially stealthy, these vests are usually thinner and more flexible than other types.

Overt body armor is worn on top of clothing. These carriers are made from thicker material and are usually darker and more obvious to passers-by. Heavier body armor can only be worn in carriers designed for overt body armor. In some situations, wearers will want to make it obvious that they’re wearing body armor to project force and deter attacks in the first place.

If you’re a private investigator though, you will need the benefit of body armor without wanting to let the world know …read more

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