The 40-Year-Old Rookie — How I Changed My Career and Became a Private Investigator

By Brian Sabol

It took me 41 years and plenty of trial and error, but I finally found my calling.

I became a private investigator.

Here’s how it happened.

The Backstory

So there I was, 41 years old, blindsided by corporate bureaucracy, out of a job and staring into the face of an uncertain future. It was December 2017, and I had held an office job in the construction world for 15 years, too easily accepting its (and my own) complacency and always too tired or too busy to think about how stagnant it really was. When I found myself unemployed, like a moth to a flame, I began applying for jobs in the same industry.

As I pored over every internet job search site (Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc.) with my updated resume, I asked the questions, “Okay, so what next? I’ll get one of these jobs, then what?”

It was safe to say I was not very happy in my old job; it’s actually very safe to say that I was quite unhappy with it. But it was income, and it was steady. How much more could a non-college graduate really ask for? I used to have passion, drive and ambition; but 60 hours a week at an …read more

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