What’s Wrong With The President’s Smartphone?

By jacob Evans

Bill Anderson, OptioLabs CEO interviewed on NPR about Oval Office smartphone security

Obama complained about his useless official phone. Trump is not following the rules. Does your enterprise have something in common with these mobile user complaints? If so, you might want to make a change.

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No Security Or No Function?

While we’re not sure about the level of security that President Trump’s smartphone carries, some are raising serious questions. According to NPR, when questioned the White House had no response on digital safety for the Tweeter of the Free World.

President Obama complained about his smartphone saying that onerous security made it practically useless. “It doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon in 2016. “The phone doesn’t work. You can’t play your music on it. So, basically, it’s like — does your 3-year-old have one of those play phones?”

The Conundrum

Having a smartphone with most of the features disabled is a waste of time and money. While the goal is to keep the President secure, when you take all the value out of the device there is no point in using it anymore and the security becomes redundant. …read more

Source:: Private Eye2