Latest Developments in PI Technology

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Modern advancements have made private investigator technological options virtually limitless. Today the market is filled with companies that specialize in the latest developments in surveillance tools for PIs. Here is a selection of some of those tools.

Disclaimer: Make sure you know the laws regarding surveillance and privacy in the jurisdictions where you operate. The following tools may violate the laws where you live.

GPS Tracking Systems – Today’s GPS tracking systems go far beyond the “find my phone” feature. Units come disguised as everyday objects as well as small mountable clandestine devices. Optional features include 60-day battery life, motion-activation, and AC/DC adapters. Standard tracking information includes 10-second coordinate location updates and remaining battery life.

Many GPS units are designed to be easily installed in a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port under the steering wheel. These report data such as VIN number, fuel level, rapid accelerations or braking, and odometer readings.

Mobile Device Tools – These are small units you can plug into smartphones and other mobile devices that download user information. This can include deleted data such as text messages, internet history, call history, and contacts.

Radio Frequency Signal Detectors – RF signal detectors have been used since the advent of radio to …read more

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