How to Pull Off a Multimillion-Dollar Investment Scam

By Brian Willingham

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

I was struck today by the story of Steven Zoernack, who suckered 40 investors out of $5.6 million, all while hiding the fact that he had two felony fraud convictions (he appears to have been on probation during the time he was soliciting investors for his new scam) and a bankruptcy as well as money judgments and liens.

As a private investigator, I always wonder to myself, “Why would anyone invest with someone like Zoernack?”

As a natural skeptic, I am always miffed that people will provide their hard-earned money to people like this. Literally 10 minutes of digging around on the Internet would have shown that this guy had some serious issues.

Which got me thinking: If I wanted to make millions by perpetrating a fraud, what would I do?

With just a few minutes of consideration, I was able to come up with a slew of ideas.

I don’t know if Zoernack did all of these things, but after following a number of investment scams over the years, including Mouli Cohen‘s, I have come up with the ultimate plan to make millions.

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Source:: Pry-Eye