Can You Get Someone’s Education History with Just a Name?

By Brian Willingham

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

A few weeks ago, I was asked the following question via email: “I am wondering if you would be able to get a person’s education history and degrees, etc., with just their name and date of birth?”

Like all good questions, the answer is maybe.

First, there is no simple database in which you can type in a person’s name and date of birth to reveal their education-related history or degree information. It just simply doesn’t exist.

If an investigator, or anyone else for that matter, is trying to determine where someone went to school, there are a couple of places that they should look:

Social Media

People say the darndest things on social media, including where they went to school. And even if they don’t specifically disclose their education history, they may like, tweet or follow their favorite school(s), which might offer you a pretty good clue.

Self-Reported Biographies

Business websites, nonprofit agencies and even personal websites can be a gold mine of education-related history. Even if the business/personal/nonprofit site is no longer operational, you may find it stashed away on the Wayback Machine.

Newspaper Articles

Once upon a time, companies would issue a press release anytime a new executive position was filled, with the details of …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye