PrivateEye Enterprise 5.2 Launches Today

By Larissa Fair

Good news PrivateEye customers and fans, we’ve updated PrivateEye’s enterprise data compliance and security software to be even better.

New to PrivateEye Enterprise 5.2:

  • Added alert to notify user that an Intruder was detected while they were away from computer – keep apprised of whether or not an intruder was trying to access your sensitive information, whether you are there or not.
  • Improved multiple webcam usability (where one camera is closer to you than the other) by enabling saving of multiple Face Distances – now PrivateEye can detect you more quickly from either camera.
  • Security screen now provides user with visibility into all settings – easily change your settings without interrupting your work.
  • Faster eavesdropper detection – know immediately when someone has compromised your data.
  • Faster notification of eavesdropper presence – now you can quickly identify when someone may be trying to view sensitive information on your screen, before data is compromised.

PrivateEye provides enterprise organizations with a secure layer of data protection as you work on your computer, without impact productivity. The software offers detection and prevention against visual eavesdropping, securing your data in public or from insider threats. Protecting the last “two feet” of space between your computer screen and your surroundings is …read more

Source:: Private Eye2