How an Increase in Domestic Violence Cases May Impact Private Investigators

By Stephanie Irvine

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Private investigators handle all different kinds of cases, from missing persons to assisting in insurance fraud investigations and everything in between and beyond. Private investigators are often called upon to assist in gathering evidence for domestic violence cases, especially because these cases can be difficult for prosecutors to argue without evidence, which is critical in proving abuse claims. While this is a fairly standard type of case that private investigators encounter, the COVID pandemic has increased both the prevalence of cases and the importance of the work due to the increased severity of the incidents. Let’s take a look at how the pandemic impacted domestic violence cases as well as the ways in which PIs work on domestic violence cases.

Who hires PIs for domestic violence cases?

Private investigators can be hired by anyone to investigate abuse or suspected abuse. They can be hired by individuals involved in an abusive relationship who want to get out of that relationship, especially if children are involved. Private investigators are also hired by loved ones to investigate suspected incidents of elder abuse, child abuse, or intimate partner violence. Law firms also hire private investigators to help compile evidence for legal proceedings.

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