20 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Private Investigator

By Brian Sabol

Over the years, we have written dozens of blog posts in order to answer some burning questions people have had about private investigators. Now I’ve decided to put these answers into one convenient list:

1Do private investigators need to be licensed?

In most states, yes; 45 of the 50 states require a private investigator’s license in order for someone operating as a PI to perform his or her duties.

2Can I hire someone who is just good at following someone or good using the internet?

Sure, but the person you are hiring is likely breaking the law. By definition, a private investigator is hired for a fee to obtain information regarding the habits, conduct, whereabouts or trustworthiness of people, among other things. And if that unlicensed person does something illegal, you may be liable.

3Is there a difference between a private investigator and a private detective?

No. The terms “private investigator” and “private detective” are often used interchangeably.

4Do private investigators have police powers?

No. Private investigators do not have police powers, and in most cases, private investigators do not have any more power than the average citizen does.

5What does a private investigator do?

A private investigator is typically hired by businesses, law firms or …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye