Now we wait. It’s just a waiting game, you just want for the food to be delivered. It was a difficult order, but it was something that had to be done, and this would last a while, of course it wasn’t going to be eaten, well maybe some of it.

The idea was to talk to the delivery guy, you see there was something special about the delivery method they had. There must be. Could all these places have all the things they needed to make each recipe at each different location? Where the hell do you get that many bats wings from, and really wasn’t some thing that went with eye of newt when the witches started to make a brew?

Brogan settled down to watch some crap TV while waiting, about 40 minutes in to something that was as pointless as watching a political speech the door started to move, then the knock knock, it was backwards but you understand, someone was at the door.

Brogan pushed the 9mil into his the waist of his jockey shorts and went to answer the door, if there was one thing you could say about Brogan he was very relaxed about being dressed.