Menu Items

Now this link was tenuous at best, not even that really, but when you have an empty stomach and you don’t feel like eating another can of beans what else are you going to do?

You order Chinese and you order big because you know in a few hours you will be hungry again, and also, while at it you think of a few good places to go, to have a look and see what is up. You check the local areas that have Chinese restaurants that are are part of this scheme and see if they have lost of missing cats, or dogs. You check the local pet stores and see if they have had any break ins lately.

It wasn’t going to be the food, it was going to be the work of a few made men, it couldn’t be the food.

Hmm, bat soup? Sounds interesting, lightly toasted almonds with wings of bat and vegetables, no MSG, gotta try that.

No Ball, the Kings balls are way too much batter and almost no meat to be found.