Finding a Silent Killer

The trick with catching such a silent killer and something that had struck all over was to try and find one common thread, just one thing that seemed to tie everything together and then you pulled on it, you just gave it slight tugs and see it thing stayed together or knot.

Brogan had tied somethings together and while it wasn’t pretty and was rather strange it seemed to hang out there and something that could be, but was so far out there to make you want to drive and not take  a walk to see if it was any good.

It all starts months ago, you see there had been some “big” news, but it really wasn’t that big, but it did tie the city together.

Chinese restaurants had come together to work out this system where you could order anything you wanted from whatever menu you wanted and you could get it in your local area, so if you liked King Lee and his chicken balls, but you lived on the other side of town, not a problem you could get the kings balls delivered from the local shop, and they would have the recipe and the knowledge and they could reproduce those balls exactly as you like them.

Now, the thread was that shortly after all thing, is when they pathologist thinks that these “murders” started to happen, and while it is impossible for it to be a delivery driver it is possible it is linked to the food.

You don’t have problems with missing cats near Chinese food restaurants for nothing do you?

It had to be the world of some psycho killers (ques ce say) and the Chinese thing just happened around the same time, that is what it had to be. Just a bad timing thing for those Chinese restaurants.