A killer on the loose WHO do you call?

Boston was suffering, is was serious, they had actually locked the town down, this killer had everyone scared to go outside.

This was serious, but the people of Boston didn’t have to worry, Brogan was on the case, and this killer wasn’t going to get away with it, not while Brogan, was on the case, not while Brogan could draw a breath and cough up a lung.

There was going to be time enough to stop smoking when this was over, but until that time, an other players light would ease that cough back.

This killer has been working silently for a while now, bodies turning up here and there, no one really could put anything together even the pathologist has listed the deaths as different things.

Brogan was smarter than that, he knew this killer had something special and the few hundred strange deaths that had put Boston into a panic was wasn’t going to panic our Hero.