Law Enforcement RCMP

What follows is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the Officers, lets face the fact the morons need their jobs no one in their right mind would hire them to do anything else.

A robbery has taken place, and one stolen item was offer for resale to the individual who was robbed, that individual is walking free still, and the original thief is also still walking around. 

You might say, well maybe they have no evidence, but note, again one stolen item was actually offered for resale to the person it was stolen from and the office in question actually caught the individual in possession, with the item as he was trying to sell it back.

Ok, so you can give that one a miss, but the original thief, who has bragged about it, and who has also stolen a Pet, and posted pictures of the animal.

Now, maybe the RCMP would be interested in animal welfare?

Well, the RCMP is a law enforcement agency here in Canada, the individual moved 200 miles in the same province, they officer could not locate him, within 12 hours, the general public had all the details. Questions asked? Nope.

So, with evidence of the animal, do they go and collect the pet? No, they inform the individual they know he as the pet. 

What happens? The pet is now gone.

The RCMP believe this is good police work….

What do you think?