A case, not just any case

This was the big one, this was the make or break, this was going to be one hell of a day.

You see, I had just been given a case, and it wasn’t just any case, nope sir, it was big and black and it was going tick tick tick, it was the kind of case that would make or break you, into little pieces.

The joys of making enemies in the town of Boston, every so often someone would make the effort to try and get rid of you.

It could be that Yuppie divorce thing that I solved, lets face it when you cost someone a nice easy life they tend to get a little upset.

It could be the Pussy thing, that was a scam and a half.

It could be the Gerbil thing, after all that did set the Mob back a few years.

Still, I couldn’t spend time on figuring out the who, what, when where’s of this case, I had more important things to do, like opening it to see what it was, after all I liked my office, and I wasn’t about to let some over sensitive little prick blow me, or my office up.

When dealing with a case like this, its always best to take it slow, to poke around, look for traps, after all you don’t need it being disarmed when you have gone to all the trouble of making it do you?

Well do you?

So I snapped it open, and had a look.

It was a case, a suitcase, and it was packed, it had to be the worst color suite I had ever seen, and there on top was an alarm clock, faked out, but for what reason?

Under the alarm clock was an envelope, on that envelope was a name, my name.

This was going to be the start of a case, and the only clue I had was an envelope and a putrid green suite.

Nothing more for it, I opened the envelope…..