Why Private Investigators Are Needed in Criminal Cases

By Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc

Editor’s note: This article was written by Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. The opinions expressed here belong to Haywood Hunt & Associates.

Most people think that private investigators spend most of their time tracking down cheating spouses or hunkered down in a car somewhere with a telephoto lens. But the fact is today’s private investigators often play crucial roles in serious legal matters including solving criminal cases.

Private Investigators and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has been working with private investigators for decades. Oftentimes, overworked or understaffed police departments call on trusted private investigators to help uncover evidence for unsolved cases and fast-track the delivery of justice. More so, having a new set of trained eyes to look over existing data can prove useful in seeing patterns that weren’t obvious to the police officers who originally gathered them.

Perhaps one of the most positive merits of hiring a private investigator for a criminal case is that, unlike police officers, a private eye can choose to work on only a single case at a time. Another benefit is that private investigators are not limited by jurisdictions of duty and can pursue leads without the need to turn over investigations to someone else.

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