When to Turn Down Jobs

By Stephanie Irvine

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For anyone in the workforce, especially private investigators, getting a new job opportunity is exciting. What will it entail? What are the circumstances of the case? For those involved in the investigation industry, the mystery of a new case can be alluring, and as anyone in business for themselves can attest, it is difficult to say no to work. Keeping that in mind, we will be exploring a few different scenarios in which it is not only prudent — but important — to turn down a private investigation job.

You’re Inexperienced

Sometimes, someone needs a job done that is outside of your capabilities. Of course, everyone needs to try something new in order to learn, but in private investigations, reaching outside of the scope of your skillset leads to disastrous results for both yourself and the client. If you cannot solve a case, your reputation will not fare well. That is why it is important to not be afraid to turn down a job that you know is beyond your abilities. Having a list of private investigators who you can use as alternates will prove beneficial. Your client will have respect for you, as will others in the industry.

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