Best PInow Articles of 2019

By PInow Staff

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As we enter a new decade of providing educational content for both veteran and rookie private investigators, we wanted to look back on the articles of 2019 that inspired you, our readers, the most. Whether it was discussing the different ways to improve the business side of your investigations or exploring different tools and techniques that can aid your current methods, here are the PInow articles that stood out the most in 2019. Thank you for reading and here’s to a successful 2020!

Private Investigations for Businesses and Business Owners

While private investigators can do a lot for businesses, these professionals don’t often realize the extent to which they can use a PI. Author Michele M. Harris of Harris Investigations lays out exactly how investigators and their services can benefit a business.

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The Solo Private Investigator: 20% Investigator, 80% Everything Else

You may have gone into private investigation for the thrill of investigating, but if you’ve been in the business for a while you know that there’s a lot more to it than what happens on the street. Rachele’ Davis of New Hope Investigations explains what it really looks like to be a PI.

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