My Mother

I have just finished watching SOA (Sons of Anarchy) again, and it is finally time to write my story.

My mother (Vera Joyce Jackson 1935) was full of hate, and to give those of you some warning she came from Slough the family name of Jackson, she had a couple of good Brothers and one good Sister, but she herself was born of pure evil.

Her entire life was drive by hate and doing the most evil things possible and I am her son.

This is a true story, and if you ever happen to run into anyone from that family, or you are a from that family, then I would suggest now that you kill yourself and any children you have to save the planet from what you and they will eventually become.

She murdered her Husband, my father.

She spent my entire childhood beating the shit out of me, her words, for which she used to brag about it with a niece who also thought it was funny. She spent her twilight years carrying a cane so she could hit children in supermarkets and threaten people, anything she could do to cause harm or pain to anyone she would do, for her it was a game.

The saddest thing is so many people fawned over her like she could be helped, and it was because of all these bleeding hearts that she got away with murder,

No one was willing to make the effort.

Some professionals had made assessments, the best description was that she made Stalin and Hitler look like a couple of nice guys, and when asked if he could help, he said, are you kidding she would kill me or anyone else for that matter, it is better just to appease her and try and ride things out keep her as quiet as possible and maybe she will not kill anyone.

So much for that idea.

I know I suffer from lots of mental issues as well, it seems to be a family thing and for my children, if you ever find out, then I am sorry, but your mothers knew the right thing to do, you couldn’t be associated with my family especially with a Grandmother who you couldn’t leave alone with a baby for fear of what would happen.

I know this all seems like it is a story, but it isn’t.

There are still Jackson’s a section of them in Poole, Dorset, and they are as criminal as anything, but it is the family and because of the world and its direction families like mine will continue to flourish.

Other when what I have written here, I have done what I can to avoid being some who can be tracked back to this evil, I have tried to be good, to make right all the wrongs to be a better person, but then you realize that good people really do finish last, there is no way to insulate yourself from that, and you can not hide away, you can not try and just exist because what I have will not let me, I can not just sit, and waste away, and I can not work and make something of myself because, this world doesn’t want that really, you will always get stepped on, because of my issues I need the help that very few will provide, I need understand and freedom within some guidelines and for those who have hired me, and given me work, I owe you all so much, because you saw something, and you helped you gave and I hope I could give back, and I hope I gave back.

I am on a short count down now, I can’t keep going, I know it has to end, I have one last effort in me, then I will draw that line, it will end.

From this I can provide no lessons because everyone’s family is different, but in my case, they are born of evil.