So the other side

Now I had permission to loo into my client and with that, the entire picture could be filled in, like paint by numbers, I would be able to see the mona lisa in all its fuchsia beauty, well for the colorblind and paint by numbers what sort of painting would you expect.

Still, nothing was blind in regards to this, I was going into the strange world of the yuppies and the beachcombers with my eyes open, and expenses, which made it all better, well at least ment I might get some good dinners at some strange places, still no matter where you go, you can always make friends.

So it begins, I took the afternoon to go and shoot some stick and pay some cards, get some enjoyment in, maybe make a little money, maybe lose a little money, maybe go for a drive, read the paper, you know the sort of things you do on a weekend but with my job I get to do them whenever I want.

I sat back to read the paper, and I just had to laugh, I found a letter in the dear Angie section, yeah so I read all the paper not just the sports, I also read the Obits just to make sure that I am still alive.

This letter, well it related to something I had seen, well to tell the truth, I was actually a part of it, and the reason it happened a it turned out, poor girl was never going to get it that good again and if she ever did, I would hate to think how they replicated it, still its good to laugh.

I spend the afternoon drinking and thinking, and banging balls around, my line of sight was not working too well, but as per the luck was in, so things dropped as they should drop, just not in the way I was hoping, still as long a you get there does it really matter the road you take?

No, I don’t think so, I just think its the destination that matters, so I have some thoughts and I had a rough guide and I knew what I was going to do tomorrow.

so lets sleep on it I said to the waitress, and home alone I went.