Beauty thy name is

It was another day and another shy the color of my wife’s eyes, a the smoothest of blue, the ever so subtle hint of a deeper blue just in the distance.

I decided to follow the same steps I had that got me everything on the poor bastard, the more I thought about it the more I really felt for the guy, still that was only the one side of the story, and in any divorce case there was always too sides, to tall tales and even, when there are children a third, but since I couldn’t speak dog, I was going to have to deal with this on the human level, and both of these people, to use the term loosely, only just made into the human category.

I found the ATM easy enough, not in the upper crust section of town but this made sense, she liked to work out, and need a top gym and this area had the best, not a look at me I am beautiful gym, but a I really gotta hit the bag gym, a place where if you ain’t dripping then you ain’t working out place, and it did have some sort of effect on here, I guess if that is how she kept her shape, for lack of a better word, then all is good, and just a short walk away there it was, the work out palace.

No need to go in and show a picture, I knew she was a member, they had pictures of people putting one in, a session that would make most men sweat just looking at the pictures, and there was was, in the background ropes in had and dripping wet, part one done, she was playing it right as rain and I had the feeling that this was going to be a one sided affair.

Still, what does one do after a work out, now me, if I have busted a nut in the gym, yes I do hit the bag now and then as a PI one has to be able to make sure that your dropping skills, for those not in in the know punching skills, are up to scratch and I could still drop a man or woman, I am not s sexist, with one punch.

Me, as I was saying before I had to explain myself, me, I tend to drop a few pounds and then go and put them right back on, lets face it, you work out you want a drink, I do.

I decided to take a wander around this area, its not really a part of town I have often been in, the precinct here was run by a bit of a dick, and I don’t mean detective. A man on a mission he was, he had a plan, he was on his way to the top, he was going to make commissioner, youngest ever to run BPD, yeah he was a dick.

We tended not to mix business and avoid this area, he always wanted his boys to make the arrest, and so, when anything led to his district we would just send him the details and let his boys go and do the dirty work, while a Dick he was, you couldn’t bitch with his record, they cleared, and they cleaned and year on year he and his crew put in a solid performance, still we all know that changed don’t we, but I digress.

I saw a few places, and I had to pick one, so I did a little circle and then I saw what I had been looking for without knowing it, I saw someone else from the workout pictures at gym, sitting down and enjoying a meal and a coffee, so I went in and had a seat, if one goes, you can assume that others would go as well, word spreads in circles and that gym, I don’t think they had many circles.

Sitting at the bar, I ordered a beer and a burger, its was lunch and expenses always come first. The bartender was nice enough, in fact he looked familiar but not the instant recall that I like, he just had that, I know you don’t I look that makes it difficult to figure out a way to approach him, but I had to get something, even I can’t claim expenses if I didn’t actually do some work, the issue was always how to broach the subject.

Sports the great ice breaker, I asked if he could switch over, there was a game on that I wanted to see the score of, and I really wasn’t happy watching the same 30 minute sports news cast over and over again.

He did, reluctantly because it was a “New York” game and if you ever want to piss of a Boston boy, watch a New York game, but it had the effect that I needed and he started to ask me questions, and once you get someone talking then, you can get the information you need.

Yeah, I am new here I said, a friend of mine told me about this place I was hoping she was here, tall girl, and I dropped the name.

Oh yeah, I know her, she comes in with some of the guys from the gym up the road, I haven’t seen her for a few days, do you have her number give her a call, I tapped a few pockets and made like I couldn’t find my bit of paper and that was all it took.

Here, I have her number on my phone, and he showed me the screen, and it was my clients number next to her name and a little note, bunny. Never show someone your contacts, you never know what they might actually be looking for, but this was the sort of thing I was looking for.

She had told me a great deal, but she hadn’t mentioned this play, nor the fact someone might call her bunny, and considering her size, Bunny, well it made you laugh.