A right pair

Now, I had everything I really needed, I had the story, I had the background, the foreground and the dirty tale just made sense, and well, I really felt like I was working for the wrong person here, but as a PI, you go where the money is and I was being paid by the daughter of, well Frankenstein would be proud, I guess. Still, due diligence is the code that I live by, never get caught out by something you could have found out.

So, Before handing over the package and the details, I decided to have a meeting with my client, and get my expenses claims in while I could remember them, hey nothing wrong with keeping the odd bit of cash off the books.

So, back at the office the next day the clouds appeared as we walked into the office, it was a sight to see, and still made me wonder how the hell I got the job, she must know someone or someone knows here and I was the name on the shit list.

She sat, if you can call it that, and I asked if she had anything extra for me as, certain things, while very interesting, are sometimes difficult to trace, and this was in fact true, you see, toys, no matter how strange, are made by lots and lots of people, I guess its a big business, what would I know?

She said she hadn’t any clue, what he had been doing.

He gets his allowance, he has his Audi, he is mine, I have no idea and I need to know, the boys need to know daddy is a bad man, I can not bare to be without my boys.

Hmm, yes, call the men in white coats this one is ready for the rubber room, isn’t that the saying.

I moved forward, I suggested that maybe I should look at her routine, maybe something in what she was doing would help, and of course it might also help with the case as her lawyer could be prepared for any questions, they might arise from her daily routine, I really had no better way of putting it, but I really just need to do what this woman did.

A little taken aback she, said agreed, and she told me what she did, roughly, and where and with whom, and this was really a good start, and another tour around the town and another way to rack up a few extra bucks.

She also, went to get her allowance, this was a big point that I must accept, she isn’t a slave driver, after all it really is his company and most of the business is his, but the stricter she is, the better for the both of them, so it was all agreed, they got an allowance, they both over saw the business, which I found out really ran itself because they had people who, it seems, were happy to do it.

They both walked the beach, they had date day (Yeah, not date night) and they walked and picked up scraps, and being rather artistic they designed certain pieces that got sold separately and they made the bulk of was was being kept back, and so on. She had a BMW, as she didn’t like the lines of an Audi, and they did what they wanted, and made sure the boys where always taken care of, etc, etc…

I can not honestly say, but it is possible I drifted off during her little story, but do you remember what I said? Lube them up? Well, in this case, I think she really wanted someone, but an entirely different someone, to just dump on, and I was the guy, in the office with his pants unbuttoned, who just happened to be the right type to talk to, so I got the story, and well what a story.

Now, some of you might be wondering, made sure the boys got well looked after, as it was mention only a little while ago, and I have to admit I wanted to interrupt at that point as well, but brains over stupid question came to the rescue and I just sat there.

Oh, before I go on, the pants thing, its just a habit folks, you see when you wear a belt, because your waist tends to change sizes from feeling good slim to lord why did you eat that entire pizza, you tend to want to just unbutton and relax, that is all I was doing.