The show starts

The show started with about as much fanfare as a strip joint can muster, and the light show and the pre-show girls really did their job, but I was after a conversation not really a show, still to get the one, I had to endure the other, and I needed to be, front and center? No, I didn’t need to be that bold, I was going to play the game, I was going to go for the eye, and see how that works out.

Shit, I could always place the cop card and just walk back stage after the show, but that would burn a few bridges that I might need, never burn a bridge if you can help it, a lesson many would do good to understand.

Now, I have the feeling that you, the reader, is going to want to understand the show that I had to watch, and I also feel you might want to understand what I mean when I talk about the eye game, so we might want to pause here for you to make a decision, you know an interactive book, a sort of, choose this path book.

Show or Eyes