Private Eyes and the Past

So I had all I really needed, it was just that sort of day, but I still needed the why, and well, the why was going to be down to my friends.

You see a PI can not know everything, and an ex cop can not know everything, and well, even me, James Brogan, needs to rely on a little luck now and there.

Tommy was still there, you see he was on holiday, and to Tommy all that ment was going to a different bar and seeing different girls and drinking slightly different coke. This man knew his coke.

Another girl, another tip, and another beer, oh I have such a hard life sometimes.

Now, this wasn’t the regular haunt, this was a sort of home away from home so Tommy didn’t know who he talked to, but some of the girls who tour are here and the dressing room is always full of talk and details and dirty little secrets and all I had to do was go back there and ask around. Well, whats the harm, so I walked into the back, and had a chat with a new of the new arrivals.

Now not all strippers are 10s, and that is just fine, I mean really, I know some wonderful girls and I have enjoyed many in my time, but I was hit by surprise when I went back there.

You see this place was special, it was after all advertising in a yuppy bar as the place to visit and I found found out they have a headliner and they do shows, and well, my luck might be turning because these shows, well, yeah, I was going to have to stick around, and that was, good, bad, I don’t know, now it was a beautiful day, but was it really that beautiful.

She had another week to go and then she was going to, start another leg of her tour of the east coast, strippers think big I guess.

Let us set the seen, you see this headliner, was well, she was a performer, and well, she had a certain body type and she, well did things, and well, yeah, I just sort of want to leave it at that. You see I didn’t want to watch this, but then again I did, as a man, well, its, I don’t know, but I was going to make that leap of assumption and figure I had the why.

I stuck it out, I lost more games than I won, but since Tommy must sleep on a pool table it was only to be expected, I have never known a player to know the drift so well, I mean you know its never going to be a perfect table but really…..