Eyes are the window

You see, I am shy, while I am really Brogan the Cop, the ball busting bastard who has a wife in a coma, the woman I love lost in time like tears in the rain. I have the brass balls of someone who has never been beaten, still, I am shy and with that I have learned that woman love shy guys.

You see women want to change a man, they want to mold him into something, make him good, take the bad guy they fall in love with and turn him into some sort of domestic gentlemen who is a dominator in bed, yet snaps to it when asked to take out the garbage.

They want the fun and the danger, all while wanting someone who will do whatever they want whenever they want, same as a man, just a different type of domestic side, we want food.

So, while I love the drink, and it is the only thing that helps me, I also love the ladies, but being married I can not have the ladies, somethings actually mean something, and marriage is one of them.

So, again, I start, I like to watch and when I do, I watch the eyes, every woman I have ever met loves to be looked at in the eyes, and when they dance when they are doing everything they can to earn that 10 bucks, if all you do is look them in the eyes, well, they are going to do one of to things, think you are a freak, or they are going to fall desperately in love with you.

Women love me.

So, I caught her eye, and that was all it took, you see, every time she took a look, I was there, eye to eye, never a nipple, never a ping pong ball, never a dart, it was just her eyes, and that was all it took. I was the guy who gut the one on one, and it really was a beautiful day, did I say the sky was blue? Did I say that just a faintest of cotton ball of a cloud graced the sky to ever so slightly adjust the light,

It was a beautiful day.

Yes…. The last piece of the puzzle was there….