did I just see that?

So we all know what happened right the pig and the tree, that flying pig that is the one thing that makes all the other comes true.

Well, you wouldn’t believe it but someone actually saw it, someone other than me, up in that tree actually saw that pig flying so now you have to read that account because I found it in the local rag, and good lord did I have a giggle.

Now, as you know I was out in the wood staking out this little love shack for a new picture to help people, well someone get away from some one, and while I was up this tree this flying pig went by, and lets face it, free bacon like that isn’t easy to come by.

Well, as it so happens there are a few interesting parking spots near this farm, and some people like to park up and do a little dance and enjoy themselves in the fresh air.

Well, again as it so happens, while I was up this tree, a couple where down in the parking lot, and as you know most people tend to die because they don’t look up, I guess these two didn’t know that and all they wanted to do was, get down, look down, that seems to be where the best bits are.

So while enjoying a little fresh air on top of the car, it seems this pig went flying by, what the else are you doing to do, now as it happens there are really only a few positions in which both parties can actually see the same view, and it all depends on the, well, flexibility of the individuals, and it this case it seems she must have been pretty limber.

So now picture this, and yes you must picture this, because that is the only way this really works, you are grinding away, and she’s coming away and you’re really going for it, I mean apparently really going for it, and then, you see it.

Your just going for all it is worth and there it is, coming towards you, like the sort of thing you see while you are doing a little acid or cracking it up, and this Pig, is descending out of the sky, like superman, or well,  spider pig, who would ever think of that?

Well, Something has got to go pop right?

Well, the article I saw in the paper went something like this….

I just have to tell the world about the best orgasm I ever had, I was out in the woods with my boyfriend (I actually know this is a lie) and while we where “Engaged” I was dripping wet and all of a sudden this flying pig came into view, and I swear I have never felt it like that, WOW, it was amazing.

Has anyone else had this type of experience?


Pigs get me off