And so it was

So it was, you see the princess of pelvic perversion, did I mention the name of the woman doing the show?

You see, her talent was special, and well, it required some special, equipment, and she knew all the places and all the items, and our poor boy, being what he was, and with who he was, had come up with an idea, and a way to try and make himself feel, well, you know, special again, and the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.

You see, these toys, or toy, were special, they resembled something, or someone like something, and they well could be used, in what only, I can guess, to be a satisfying manner, and this was what he was doing when caught, with the “Children” watching, and well, I can see  why they might want to.

So, I sat with the Princess of pelvic perversion, and we talked, she was an incredibly interesting woman, and very clever, while the show was, unique, or at least it bordered on the tasteless and darn right disgusting but, maybe it was also educational, to settle the matter it would really require a open mind, and well, other things being open as well.

The story as she told it to me follows, you see he was a semi regular, and having had the odd chat with Tommy when he made an appearance, and getting to sit in the special seat, he was someone who sort of stood out, all the while not really being a sore thumb.

He caught her eye so when she got the chance, and the time, she managed to work her way around the crowd and sit next to him, apparently that was exactly it, she went as sat next to him and just started talking to him. Now, as strange as this might seem, a deranged yuppie and a stripper sitting on the same sofa, it was a little more, they actually had things in common.

It was at this point in the story I ordered us both a drink, I needed something because well, a yuppie and a stripper, talk about the other side of the tracks, this just wasn’t any fairy tale beginning.

She continued, they actually used the same stock broker, and she was surprised that the yuppie wasn’t making the same sort of gains she was, still they got to talking the mighty dollar and how one makes money in this sort of economy and if short of long term gains seemed better in this current climate, and so on, and this conversation move around to the wife, and them to the disappointment he felt and so on.  

Now, I will stop here just to make a personal observation, you see I find, in my job, that people do tend to open up to strangers, they want to talk they want to get whatever they are feeling of their chest, but in order to do that, and if you have a friend so see, or you know is down, the best way to deal with it is to actually not ask about it, lube them up, go some place strange get them out of their comfort zone and suddenly the flood gates will open and you’ll be doing them more good that you will ever do by being the, whats the matter you have to talk to me friend, its taken years as a cop and as a PI to discover this, of course.

Well, our young lady is rather well educated too, and of course it is the psychology degree that she got first, and so the social experiment was explained without it even being mentioned, just like any good whore you meet, the odds are she is a psychology major and it is all research, still apparently these meeting have been happening for months and she had suggested that he needed to sort himself out, grow a pair, to use the parlance that most people use when talking about becoming a man, and actually doing what needs to be done.

So, our boy, with some suggestions and directions, grew a pair and wen out and bought a pair as well.