A lovely day

It was a lovely day, it really had all the hallmarks of the type of day that you really enjoy, blue sky, slight breeze, and only the odd slender cloud that ever so slightly lowered the light quality from the sun. It was just one of those days to be enjoyed, to be used as an excuse to take a stroll, walk the town, have a coffee and relax.

Sadly, that is never my game plan when I am on a job. It was a dirty one too. Divorce, and the type of cruel and spiteful one that makes cringe because you know, no matter what you find, the other side is just going to dig just as deep, just as hard, and the entire show will be played out in the court room, and in front of their “Children”, in this case a pair of little shih tzus. 

I hate working for this new age, light in the loafers bunch, all this love and this giddy isn’t the world beautiful stuff is really such a farce especially when it finally comes to an end like this.

My client, the apparent female of the two, found the other half enjoying himself, but it wasn’t with anything, or anyone that you would expect, but apparently this has brought on a hate that no councilor can reconcile. The words its over, how can I look at him now, how can I share room (yes folks her words) with him, he has hurt me and he must pay.

Really thinking about it, the guy, well if you could call him that, should consider himself lucky. I think he would wise to just pay whatever and run, run like his life was 6 steps in front of him and keep going.

Sadly, its love, I love her. Oh lord.

Then there are the dog, yes folks, their “Children”.

This is going to be the case from hell.