A beautiful Day too

So, I had to find where he found his, “Toy(s)”, for lack of a better word, or words, and I had to trace back to the influencer, the reason, the problem the idea, the entire dirty little secret needed to be outed for everyone in the court to hear, the children must know that daddy is a bad man.

I must stop here and give you a little word of warning, this story/report, well, its kind of hard to believe. I honestly had a hard time in court presenting my evidence of ill doing. I think the judge was drunk. It must have made it easier for him at least, lucky bastard I wish I had thought of that.

Anywho, lettuce get back to the report as we can step back in time to how I got the case later.

I had seen the items and been give the chance to record any pertinent details and I was give access to the receipts and the CC records, and well, I was shocked, these yuppies are making money for old rope, and I mean money for old rope, who the hell would have figured there was a market for that sort of thing, but there it was in black and white, and the odd splash of red.

People all around the world seemed to want to hand a little old Boston boat rope up and go, ahhhh, look that rope, ahhh, look at the 1000 dollar bill I got for asking for this bit of old rope, I guess mental illness knows no bounds, that or the idea of owning something that you wouldn’t touch in the month of Sundays, because it ment manual labor, appeals to the crazy rich.

Still not my bit, I really had no real leads, the items had been used, and been purchased with cash, the best I could figure, because I couldn’t find any solid lead, so it was down to the ground work. While these items are kind of unique, they are not that unique, so it ment trawling some of the dirtier places in Boston, the type of places that make you want to wash you hands before, you go in, and take a shower when you leave.

I figured I would start from the usual bank machine for his withdrawals of money for the week, his business and her budget, he must have saved for a little while to get these.

I located the machine easy enough, in the heart of the Upper Class part of town, you would catch black man here, and if you spotted one you called the police as an instant reflex, because it could only mean a crime was about to take place, but then again, no crime in this area, being exBPD I new this area well.

I spotted the most pretentious little wine bar, with a 20 dollar salad and 50 dollar bottle of wine, that just might give him the nerve to go home after getting his allowence, and I was on expenses, so lets start this beautiful day with a little drop in the bucket.

My luck, good or bad, you can make that call, as I made my order, I wasn’t doing the salad, I showed the bartender the picture I had and immediately got the, oh yeah, I know him, haven’t seen him in a while, has he run away?

I changed my order, coffee it had to be, I was going to be doing some driving after all.

After a lovely chat, eggs benedict and few cappuccinos, I was ready to hit the road, I might actually return, while I don’t think anyone really could have walked in there and not felt over powered by feeling of, are you really sure you belong here, and the downward looks of the “regulars” the bartender was really down to earth. He didn’t mind talking too, which makes my job easier, i’ll note a 50 dollar bribe in my expenses she’ll never know.

The story so far, he used to get his money and come across the road, have a bottle and a salad, wow when your hot your hot, and almost cry about his wife and how unhappy he was, the children knew it, and he had to keep it together for their sake, what is a “man” to do.

The bartender almost wet himself when I told him he really ment a couple of dogs. Apparently the way he was talking it was a couple of 3 year old who could tell mommy and daddy didn’t like each other anymore.