The Solo Private Investigator: 20% Investigator, 80% Everything Else

By Rachele’ Davis

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Editor’s note: This article was written by Rachele’ Davis of New Hope Investigations.The opinions expressed here belong to Rachele’ Davis.

I am a solo private investigator. I have a home office with zero employees and very little overhead. It’s simple. But it’s far from easy.

When I officially opened New Hope Investigations for business in 2016, I was eager, prepared, and hopeful. I had recently stepped away from a crime analyst position with my local police department and was excited about my new venture.

I knew my freshly obtained private investigator license would be useful but I was also realistic that it would be shared with additional duties that accompany business ownership. However, I could not have predicted the span or depth of those “other” duties nor was I fully prepared for everything else it takes to operate as a private investigator and solopreneur.

The 20%


As a private investigator, I investigate a variety of cases but I developed a niche in the world of adoption and missing heir searches. There isn’t much that’s more fulfilling than reconnecting family members separated by adoption or some other factor. It gives me a high that lasts well into the next case that comes along. The actual investigation …read more

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