27 Signs You are Dealing with A Shady Character (in GIFs)

By Brian Willingham

1Someone who seems too good to be true

2People who have absolutely no social network profiles (it’s 2019 people!)

3Insecure people

4People who describe himself or herself as “the only person to …” or “recognized as a world-class leader …” or “the first person to be awarded …” or “the youngest person ever to …” or “a pioneer in …”?

5People who likes to talk about themselves … endlessly

6People who don’t give you their real name

7Super-secretive people

8Those who have a “brilliant idea” every other week

9Anyone who posts anything on CraigsList

10Passive aggressive people

11People who don’t have a lot of friends (since they’ve likely pissed them all off)

12People who enjoy running

13Anyone who has tried to get you involved with something that sounds too good to be true

14Name droppers; especially the ones that drop names of people with little or no relevance to the topic at hand to impress others

15People who are constantly telling little white lies.

16People who are left-handed

17Anyone who has ever said, “Do you know who I am?”

18People who expect something in …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye