The Downfall of Trustify

By Stephanie Irvine

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Founded in 2015, Trustify, Inc. was a start-up company dedicated to helping people hire private investigators on-demand. In 2016, Washington Business Journal named the company one of its Startups of the Week, and Trustify amassed a lot of press in its early years for its forward-thinking business model for the private investigations industry. Some likened Trustify’s business model to Uber for its quick-access, hire-on-demand, and short-term capabilities.

The company rapidly grew before its descent into financial troubles in late 2018, leading to the company’s complete demise in 2019. As 2019 winds down with a plethora of lawsuits against Trustify, it seems pertinent to evaluate what impact did this seemingly revolutionary company have on the private investigations industry and what we can learn from it? Let’s take a look back and see how Trustify shook up the PI world.

Trustify’s Rise

For those not involved in the business side of private investigations, meaning those looking to hire a private investigator, the ability to download an app, hire an investigator at affordable rates, and get the information they were seeking was an exciting, progressive change to an industry that operated using the same tried and true methods since the Sherlock …read more

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