When is a Confidentiality Breach Justified for Private Investigators?

By PInow Staff

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Why is Confidentiality Important?

Confidentiality is central to the preservation of trust between an investigator and their client. As a private investigator, clients will inevitably come to you with delicate cases that sometimes require them to reveal sensitive information about their personal lives. Often, in order for you to do your job effectively, they must be open and vulnerable with you, telling you things they may not even disclose to their closest relatives. In order to get this information, you must promise confidentiality and remain resolute to that promise. Whether this is in writing or simply by your word, respecting your client’s right to privacy is essential to maintaining your reputation and building a successful business. It is only in the direst of circumstances that this confidentiality should be compromised.

Is Breaching Confidentiality ever Justified?

While maintaining trust is of utmost importance in any investigation, situations do arise that call for breaking confidentiality. Here are some instances that justify a breach of confidentiality:

Disclosure with Consent

The most common justification for disclosing private information is when you obtain written or verbal consent from the client themselves. It is best to heavily document this consent in case of a dispute later, especially if it ends up …read more

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