Open Source Intelligence for Private Investigators

By PInow Staff

Whether or not you realized it at the time, you have probably collected Open Source Intelligence, (OSINT) at some point in your investigative career. True to its name, OSINT is open-source, meaning that all its information is available to the general public. Since OSINT is accessible to everyone, it might not seem like a valuable tool private investigators can add to their kit. However, one of the notable characteristics of open-source information is just how much data it encompasses and, as Joseph Jones, a licensed private investigator and the Vice President of Bosco Legal Services, says, “Information is power.” But wading through all the data to get to the useful information takes skill and the right resources. Learn more about this skill and how you can harness it for your investigations in the article below.

What is it?

Open-source intelligence is a variety of data encompassing countless topics and subjects. If you need a specialist to access information then it does not qualify as open-source.

OSINT is not limited to what you can find via popular search engines. There are sites on the deep web that are not indexed/found by your regular search engine though the information is still legal to …read more

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