5 Lessons from Corporate Investigations Gone Bad

By Brian Willingham

This has been a bad couple of weeks for
private investigators.

First, there was the story of Credit Suisse,
which hired private investigators to follow a former
top executive whom the bank thought was trying to poach employees and clients.
But the former executive got into a confrontation with the investigator hired
to tail him. The investigator is facing a criminal probe, and the consultant
who helped Credit Suisse hire the investigators to trail the executive committed suicide just this week. Now Credit
Suisse is reeling from the controversy, saying that the surveillance on the
former executive was “wrong,” which ultimately led to the resignation of the COO,
who authorized the surveillance.

Next, there was the story of Neil Gerrard, a partner
from the white-collar law firm Dechert, who was suing an investigative firm for spying on him after
they placed a camouflaged camera on his property to try to gain access to a
private Caribbean island where he was vacationing. Operatives were questioned
by police after claiming that they were the nephews of the Gerrards. Police
found a “large amount of electronic equipment, including a camera adjusted for
night vision use” on one operative, who was denied entry to the island; and at
least two operatives have been interviewed by British Police. …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye