Making a Citizen’s Arrest

By Stephanie Irvine

Citizen's Arrest

With a nationwide shortage of police officers, many departments across the country are running short-staffed. The effects of this shortage proliferate into communities large and small, as there are fewer “good guys” around to stop the “bad guys,” and officers are often dispatched from call to call, resulting in longer response times and, in some cases, no response at all. What does this mean for individuals faced with a crime in progress? Keep reading to learn more about making a citizen’s arrest.

When Can Someone Make a Citizen’s Arrest?

Many individuals believe that if a crime happened or is happening, they can make a citizen’s arrest. While making a citizen’s arrest is an option in the United States, each state’s laws vary, just as with most issues related to process serving and private investigation. It is always best to review your state’s statutes to be aware of legislation regarding citizen’s arrest to ensure you do not break the law if put in that position. In the event that you unlawfully enact a citizen’s arrest, you could be arrested yourself for false imprisonment and/or impersonating a peace officer among other potential charges. Furthermore, this could lead to lawsuits by …read more

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