Than Ain’t No Donkey

Yeah, there are times when you just want to hide away and not want anyone to see you for a while.

You know when you make those kind of mistakes that should be easy to not make but then again when you work long house and you are trying to follow multiple people and take pictures etc, sometimes you make that mistake and this time, I made it. Still it was easy enough.

So I was hired by this thin non discript guy, who was worried his wife was running around with another guy, not alot of money, please can you help me, you helped a friend of mine kind of crap, so I took the job, why not.

A few weeks of following her around and I have it all figured she spend some time in a hotel out off the highway every so often, while the husband said she was off on business, really what it was was a night or two away.

I couldn’t pin the guy she was seeing, it was difficult to keep an eye on the rooms, nothing open, no real windows and it was fairly busy, smart choices all if you want to get away, do it in the open, makes it harder for someone to follow you, and makes it easier for you to spot someone following you.

Everyone hides in quiet places, that never works.

Still, I got luck and managed to pick out the room and a windows and I could get a few pictures, if she was stupid enough to have the man come to her room, the cars changed the staff changed this place was like grand central so it was difficult to pin anyone who was there regular.

No luck, no visitors.

So, I decided to flip, and follow the husband, and he seemed to have a strange little habit himself, he would go out of town on a regular basis as well, and this was the interesting part, he would also stay at the same road side hotel that was easy to watch and easy to pin who was coming and who was going, so I figured I would give it a shot and see what turned up, he at lunch he would go for a walk and send some time in this little shack, so I went and got some pics.

He was feeding a Donkey.

Strange some guys have this thing for them.

It all looked good, so I decided to confront him with the details and tell him his wife just gets away for a night or two and he is safe as houses, and by the way, who is that donkey?

That ain’t no Donkey, that’s my wife!

Then who is that woman you are living with, that’s my sister, she has been staying at the house with me, while she gets on her feet.

Ah, well, you wife is hung like a horse sir, so if she is fooling around, I would start divorce proceedings right away, you have a good day, and these pictures are all yours.