Oi Oi What you doing

Sometimes you have to do the odd just just to make a little money, sometimes you have to bury your head in the sand and just deal with things, and this is what I had to do this past week.

I needed some quick off the books cash and there wasn’t anything really big happening in the sports world that I could count of for a pay out so I took on a little night watchman job down at the docks.

It didn’t mean much work really because it was all bought and paid for, they just needed a warm body to make it look like they cared when things went missing or burned down, I mean your insurance company is always going to wonder why you had expensive stuff stored in a place without having any sort of security right?

Even the MOB plays by the rules some of the time, and this was the oh dear its gone missing time of the year, so swallow some pride and take some money from the right people to look away for the other right people so that the wrong people can do the right things, you know how it goes.

Still, sometimes it just not that easy to turn away.

So, I was doing my “rounds” pressing the buttons and walking and pressing the buttons and so on when I heard a window break and the worst thing one can possibly hear afterwards, “Oh shit, thats a lot of blood.”

Now, I could have just left it at that, and walked on and pressed another button and my rounds would have been done, but I had to go and see what this was about, I mean a dead body on my watch wouldn’t go down to well and me being exBPD, well I would lose credit with some good people.

So around the corner I walk, and Oi Oi, what are you doing here.

Ah, Sorry Brogan, I forgot my keys, I figured I would just punch in the window you know unlock the door.

Dip stick, you need to at least attempt to protect yourself first!

Yeah I guess. I feel a little faint, thud.

Of to the hospital I went with this idiot barely hanging on and muttering about sodding keys and needing to get some paper work.

Still, the Insurance company bought the story, as it seemed that the police who should have secured the scene didn’t leave anyone behind and the warehouse got emptied of all its latest stereo stuff.

Shock Horror.

Still, I got paid over time.