Lost Dog

This was one of those days when you wish you didn’t come to work, well since I do work for myself, I guess I should not have gotten out of bed this morning but then again I did so I caught this case, and boy oh boy did it pay off.

Still who wants to wander around Boston calling Nager, Nager here boy.

This charming couple had lost their dog, it had run away and their son was really upset and wanted to get the dog back and all costs, and so some how they came to me, the local Dick in the area, still if you are a Private Dick then you do somethings that are not pleasant and that doesn’t mean just taking pictures of guys nailing their girlfriends behind their wives back, or women screaming harder for christs sake harder (That one was a story I tell you)

Sometimes you get the lost pussy or the lost dog job, and ever since I found fame for finding the ginger pussy it seems that I have a bit of a name when it comes to the animals, I like animals they are simple and they taste good, depending on the animal of course.

So, I decided that I would do a little driving around put up some find my dog posters and ask around, you can always find a lost dog or two at the Humane Society, you would be surprised how many do get taken there, the dog catcher as they often get called is really just a cop who has made one too many mistakes and get put down to do any dirty job, our buy was called Harry, any Dirty Job.

First thing when it comes to a lost dog, check the local Chinese and Korean places, they are pretty quick to pick up some road kill and serve it, I’ve know a dead dog to be hit, picked and and out on the road again for delivery inside an hour, tastes like chicken it does, good beef sir, you’ll love it beef and cashews, yummy.

Still my local shop promised me they had stopped doing that sort of thing, and the local Korean was closed for cleaning, so it wasn’t them, the only restaurant without a fridge or freezer, you wouldn’t count it would you, yet people still eat there.

When they say fresh….

Still so, it looks like a wander off job, and again since the local chinese was keeping clean, even their garbage was sealed up, so no hungry mutt was going to go and have a feed. So if your a dog and you are out on the town and your local food places are doing well with the Garbage where do you go?

To get laid of course, he still had his balls so that means it has to be the local park and follow the trees, if there was a bitch in heat any male is going to find it and go a little grunting right?

So a nice little walk and talk to some of the dog folks, not easy when you don’t have a dog, but still, they enjoy a good talk, he was known at the local park a friendly dog who loved a good chase and then roll in the ground, and then would never bring the ball back, one of those lazy look I got it right here dogs.

Any known friends? Any Females that loved his company?

One, apparently, an Irish Setter, Lady, how imaginative a name.

Comes from that direction, so off I went, to find the Lady in this dogs life.

Cops, and a very irritated red head. I decided to roll over and have a word, you never know its always nice to help out the BPD and would you know it, this was a dog owner, and she was pissed.

My little girl was watching her lady get fucked, I want the owners found, I want them arrested, how can you let people like this out on the streets.

You couldn’t hide the smiles, you really couldn’t hide the smiles, it was a classic my little girl she was so upset.

Who wouldn’t be if you see your lovely Irish setter getting mounted by the local mutt and driving or dragging her around the garden like that, still apparently it was a long session and Lady has been asleep ever since when the Mutt jumped over the fence and was off on his way.

Sadly it turned out that Lady wasn’t registered, oh dear, that isn’t good, we’re going to have to take her away mama, and of course the tune changed.

I was off in the direction of the rogue, after that session it was obvious he would be hungry and there was a Turkish place in that direction and I knew the owner, he owned me a meal and if I couldn’t find the dog, I would at least get myself a good late lunch, and as luck would have it I got both.

The Setter had a great litter, ugly buggers, but what would you expect.