In an Asses Ass

Right, we have all heard the stories, you know, gerontologists stories, you go to a party and those are the guys you want to talk to, they always have the, you wouldn’t believe stories.

Well, that makes sense, but I generally want to hang around with Vets, especially those that deal with farm animals, you always get the most amazing stories, and some of them are just that, you see to become a vet it takes a lot of hard work, and some great nights out drinking.

So the other night I was out having a beer, like you do and I met up with this vet, he works at a local kids farm, they have animals for the kids to pet and it is a charity and well, its a good thing to have really, bar some of the parents that you get.

So we decide to split a pitcher and do the all you can eat wings, what a deal that is, just eat and eat, drink and drink.

As it turns out he had to visit the place in a bit of a rush. As something had been put in a place that it shouldn’t have been.

Still, poor little kid, can you imagine how he felt, lets feed the donkey?

The child was extracted without harm and the donkey might walk funny for a little bit, hey could you get a better story for beer and wings?




The Bic did what a Bic does. Are you ready for this?

The Pig shit flicked the Bic.