Finding Someone When You Are Unsure of the Spelling of Their Name

By Brian Willingham

This week, we received a pretty routine
request from a client: track down the address and phone number of a former
employee of a company. The client wanted to interview this person in relation
to an ongoing lawsuit. Another employee had provided the person’s name, believing
that he had some insightful information that would help our client’s case.

The name seemed rather uncommon, and although the
person worked for a large multinational conglomerate, it was believed that he
worked in a relatively small town in the Midwest.

Seemed pretty straightforward.

We did a couple of initial searches through a
few of our investigative databases, which found that there was exactly one
person in the country with that spelling of his name.

But on first glance, it looked like this
person had been in New Hampshire for the past 20 years.

Stumped, we went back to the client to get
more information, just to make sure we didn’t end up on a wild goose chase. The
client didn’t have anything else, unfortunately, but acknowledged that the
spelling of the last name might not be accurate.

The client also said in no uncertain terms
that it was essential that we find this person.

Challenge. Accepted.

So we went back to the drawing board, and
after some digging around, we found the right guy.

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Source:: Pry-Eye