Friday – Busy Equals Stability

Mental Health is helped by being busy, when you don’t have time to think or do anything then you have no problems but when you are given time to think and wonder you just get worse and worse and you sink into depression, while I hate what I am doing, I can force myself to deal with it, as I simply say I have no choice.

The idea that talking about it helps is the biggest load of BS that anyone can ever spout, aside from any Politician, who generally grow mushrooms for a living.

You don’t get any help when you talk about it, and when you talk about it you are thinking about it, and that can only make you more depressed, because you will never get any answers you will only get more questions and more questions is not what a depressed person needs, a depressed person needs answers, because that means less to think about, the less you have to think about, the better off you are.

You really don’t need someone asking you, so why do you think that is…..

If you knew why, you wouldn’t think about it would you?

I feel that no one likes me. Why do you think that is?

Seriously, has anyone ever been helped by that questions?