Mental Health – Another Saturday

The joys of writing this and no one reading is great, it means no one will actually know how depressed I was until after I have killed myself, which I have decided is the way to go.

Life is pointless, when you see things the way I do, and see the future and you can see the pathetic divides in the world, I will be right and the world will blow itself up.

Not Global Warming or any of that shit, 1% of something a pattern does not make, yet this is what we are being sold, honestly think about it, and compare it with other things we fight against.

Don’t punish a man because he has been committing crimes for 1 third of his life, but with all the, maybe 150 years of data, all other weather data is assumption no actually recorded, I looked at a thermometer and this was the exact temperature at 12 noon, etc…..

Its assumption, that is a fact.

We only have maybe 40 years of satellite data, and the way that we have been taking pictures changes yearly as does the quality of the cameras etc, so while we are very clever, we still can not be exact about what we saw 40/30 years ago to now when we can see the postage stamp.

The planet has been around billions of years and like this millions of years, roughly in this configuration for 100 of thousands of years, yet 150 year of data is a pattern that We started 150 years ago by burning stuff.

Still who cares.

Look at the politics, virtue signaling, everyone doing their best to look better than the other guy, and then you have the realists, who know you can not take care of everyone at the expense of yourself, and when you ask those with the money and doing all the Virtue Signaling to actually give away their money, HAHAHA

This world is an embarrassment.